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Sleep Training With Baby Sleep Train™ Is Worth It!

As your sleep consultant, Sabrina will look for the root cause of your child’s sleep issues. She will then create a tailored sleep plan to accommodate your family’s individual needs within your comfort zone. As we said, no two children are the same, so every sleep plan is uniquely designed for you.

So how does it work? Sabrina creates every plan with patience and understanding. She does this by using the answers from the questionnaire you will receive upon contacting Baby Sleep Train™, as well as the 2-3 day sleep log you will be asked to keep. This questionnaire gives Sabrina insight into your child’s environment, family dynamics, health, diet, temperament, and more. Below are all the individual packages she has to offer.

Let’s Chat!

Baby Sleep Train™ offers a free 15-minute discovery call to discuss your child’s sleep issues. This call helps Baby Sleep Train™ decide if it’s a case Sabrina can help with and which service will best meet a family’s needs.



Age: NewbornsFree GUIDE

Package includes:

  • Free downloadable tips and tricks that ensure the newborn doesn’t create bad sleeping habits. By following these tips, it will start your baby off on the right path.
  • Science and facts you should know about your newborn (0 to 16 weeks old).

Enter your name and email below to receive the free guide!


Infants & Toddlers Ages 4 Months to 3 Years | $650 ($850 FOR TWINS or two children of different ages)

For children dealing with sleep issues such as night-waking, skipping naps, taking short naps, climbing out of the crib, and inability to self-soothe.

Package includes:

  • 1.5-2-hour phone, video, or in-person sleep consultation. In-person consultations are available for customers within a 30-minute drive of Cleveland, Ohio only. (Optional additional $75 for in-home consultations that are more than a 30-minute drive). A cancellation fee of $50 will occur if less than 24-hours notice before the appointment.
  • Sabrina identifies the root cause if your child’s sleep issue(s). Thorough sleep analysis based on a questionnaire and a 2 day sleep log (to be completed by the client prior to the consultation).
  • Customized sleep plan which Sabrina will review with you during the consultation.
  • Basic sleep science education to help you understand the reasons behind the plan.
  • 14-day support period where you can email or call Baby Sleep Train™ with any questions, concerns, or support you need during the process within working hours.
  • What-to-know-for-the-future informational handout emailed to you after the 14-day support period has ended. This is to help support you for the long-run as your child grows up.


Ages 0 to 10 Years Old | $150 for the first one-HOUR call, $80 for half-hour follow-up callS. 

For children who are dealing with sleep issues such as night-waking, skipping naps, taking short naps, climbing out of the crib, inability to self-soothe and more.

Package includes:

  • A scheduled 1-hour phone call to discuss your child’s sleep issues.
  • Analysis & Solution. We’ll discuss the child’s sleep history, current issue, and Sabrina will advise parents on the spot.
  • NOT INCLUDED: preceding sleep analysis, a written plan, or email support.
  • Time rolls over. If one has any unused time, it can be used for a future call.

(A cancellation fee of $15 will occur if less than 24-hours notice is given.)


Ages 4 to 10 Years Old | ONLINE COURSE

Package includes:

  • Self-paced module video course
  • Courses that go over everything you need to know and do to help older children decrease anxiety towards sleep, stay in bed, fall asleep faster, stay asleep, and wake up at a healthy time in the morning.
  • This course will also go over nutrition and its effect on sleep. You will get a list of the vitamins and nutrients needed for good sleep and all the info you need to know about melatonin, sleep environment dos and don’ts, and more!
  • Sabrina will also discuss how to spot red flags for sleep disorders or other medical conditions, including when to seek a medical professional’s help.

For Sleep Lectures, Workshops, Corporate or Medical Practice Collaborations, please contact Baby Sleep Train™ for more information.